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BBQs are a huge tradition in our Australian culture. At every opportunity – we spark the grill. So, when our chefs saw the opportunity to bring the BBQ indoors, we grabbed it with both hands. In Uluru Bar & Grill, we use a secret ingredient in our Josper Grill. Our Uluru friends and family can’t get enough of the way we cook our fish, chicken and meat. Come on a food journey with the #ulurucrew. Winner of Best Wine Experience 2017 in the Irish Restaurant Awards!


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Josper Charcoal Grill

Our Josper Grill provides a unique flavour. We use a secret ingredient which connects our customers with the land here in County Armagh. We can't tell you what it is - but, if you can work it out by tasting your chicken, meat and fish, hats off to you!

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