Armagh Pork Cutlet – flavoured with Mac Ivors Cider! Yes Chef!

We love delicious food. We love food which represents The Food Heartlands. We are bang in the middle of the orchard county which is rich with local food and drink producers.

During the recent food and cider celebrations we came up with a recipe that is so good the food will melt in your mouth.

So, we have decided to share it with you. If you are having any harvest or Halloween dinner parties this is a good dish to plate up in your own kitchen.

To add that little something extra, we used a great tasting cider also produced here in the Food Heartlands. Have a go and see what you think. We got brilliant feedback during the food and cider festival.

Armagh Pork Cutlet

1 Pork cutlet

1 Armagh Bramley Apple

1 bottle of Mac Ivors Cider

250ml double cream

4tbsp brown sugar

Sprig of thyme


Heat a pan and oven to 170°c.

Season the pork cutlet with sea salt and black pepper.

Place the cutlet in the hot pan and sear on both sides.

Slice the bramley apple and place in a pot and caramelise slowly.

Add the cider to the pork cutlets and place in oven at 170°c for four minutes.

To the apple add cider and sugar reduce until turns to caramel (be careful not to burn)

Add cream to make a smooth rich apple cider sauce.

Add salt and pepper

Take your pork cutlet out of the oven and let it rest.

Serve with some wholegrain mustard mash and some baby garden vegetables.


  • For any media interview requests or recipe requests our Head Chef Mark McGonigle is available to share some fantastic hints and tips for the autumn and winter seasons ahead. For media requests please contact Eleanor McGillie at MGMPR LTD on 028 3756 9569 or 07709805379.