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Mark and the chefs keep ‘er country this weekend at food and music festival

Gin Tasting Night at Uluru Bar & Grill in Armagh

Gin, Gin, Gin…. Now that’s what we’re all talking about! Who’s in?

uluru fashion show - Staff at Uluru Bar and Grill promoting Ladies Night on June 16

Uluru Bar & Grill to host a Ladies Night

Connor and Paul get ready for Dunblin for the Irish Restaurant Awards Cocktail Competition

Uluru Bar & Grill compete at the Irish Restaurant Awards Cocktail competition

Uluru Bar & Grill in Armagh

Eating out in Armagh? Here’s what people say about us!

Uluru Bar & Grill Reviews IMG_6608

Your Say! Here are some reviews of Uluru Bar & Grill this month!

Uluru Bar & Grill in Armagh is a casual dining restaurant in Armagh's city centre. It's an Australian themed neighbourhood restaurant where chefs cook with great authenticity. IMG_6614

A few reviews for you – and a little favour to ask at the bottom…..

Eating out in Armagh? Have a beer paddle while you are here

Don’t find yourself up the creek without a paddle!

Uluru Bar & Grill will host the John O'Connor School of Writing in November.

John O’Connor Writing School events at Uluru Bar & Grill