RECIPE: ‘Lough and Apples’

Dean Coppard of Uluru Bar & Grill will be creating this dish at the NI CountrySports Fair in Scarvagh House near Banbridge next week. Dean will marry two very special PGI products – the Lough Neagh Eel and the Armagh Bramley Apple. Why not give it a go?

“Lough and Apples”

Dean’s celebrated local ‘Lough and Apples’ recipe features MacIvors Cider, Bramley apple box, wood chip smoked Lough Neagh Eel, Abernethy smoked butter, caramelised Armagh Apple, Broighter Gold truffle oil, burnt onion puree and textures of local beetroot.


  • 1 x Lough Neagh Eel
  • Smoking chips
  • One cup of arborio rice
  • 4 Bramley apples
  • 100g of dark brown sugar
  • 100ml of Mac Ivors medium cider
  • 100ml of AJ Apple Juice
  • Abernethy smoked butter roll
  • 100ml of Broighter gold truffle oil
  • 2 large onions
  • 2 red beetroot
  • 2 golden beetroot
  • 2 rainbow beetroot


For the Smoked Eel

Fillet the eel by slicing down each side of the spine, leaving the skin on.  Slice away any remaining belly, then cut the eel into 3cm pieces and set on a cake rack that will fit into a deep baking tray. Cling film the tray tightly.

Place the wood chips onto a large piece of tin foil with the arborio rice and fold the tin foil to make a parcel. Place this in the bottom of the baking tray then place the cake rack loaded with the eel over the top. Place the lid on top and place the tray directly on to the gas burner. Leave to heat until smoke starts to escape.

For the Caramelised Apple

Peel and dice the apple into small pieces.  Melt the smoked Abernethy butter in a deep sauce pan. Once the butter starts to foam, add the brown sugar. As the butter and sugar start to create a caramel add the diced apple and stir. As the apple starts to soften add the cider and apple juice in equal amounts. Once a jam consistency is reached remove from heat.

For the beetroot

Peel all the beetroot and steam each type separately until soft. Place the red beetroot in a food processor and blitz until a puree is created. Cut the golden beetroot into wedges and slice the rainbow beetroot wafer thin.

For the onion puree

Peel and cut the onions into quarters. Drizzle with Broighter gold oil and roast until soft. Place in the food processor and blitz until smooth.

To assemble

Create a swipe of the red beetroot puree across the centre of the plate. Arrange the golden beetroot wedges around the puree and sprinkle the apple around this. Place the portions of eel around the plate and use a squeezy bottle to place dots of the onion puree around all the ingredients. Garnish with micro cress.