Mark and the chefs keep ‘er country this weekend at food and music festival

So the chefs are leaving the pass this weekend and are stepping into unknown territory – that’s right, they’re going to be keeping ‘er country at Craigavon’s Rushmere Shopping Centre’s anniversary celebrations where they’ll be creating lots of smoke and great tasting food.

Barbeques are our thing – we like smoking food so you will more than likely smell us before you see us.

Rushmere Shopping Centre, in case you haven’t heard, is celebrating its 40th anniversary so it’s a bit cool that the chefs are heading out into the Food Heartlands to feed the Music and Food festival goers.

This is looking like a pretty decent gig. For any of you into country music stars Cliona Hagan and Ritchie Remo will be banging out the songs so there’ll be plenty of jiving, plenty of singing, plenty of laughter and plenty of delicious food at the Uluru Bar & Grill BBQ.

The Food Village will have almost 30 producers and suppliers from Friday evening and throughout Saturday. Friday night has an entry fee but Saturday will be free to all.

Rushmere Food and Music Festival

There will be lots to do to keep everyone entertained so what a way for Rushmere to celebrate. With so many fantastic producers there this will no doubt be a fine display at all things Food Heartlands. Mark and Stevie will be there on Friday (September 8) and Adam and Andrew will be there on Saturday.

There’ll be family orientated activities which will entertain the little ones and the Downtown Radio team will be there hosting a roadshow which will include giveaways and promotions.

So come along and celebrate with Rushmere, celebrate our local produce, smoked food, farming heritage and of course get ready to keep ‘er country with Cliona and Ritchie.

Saturday is free and open to members of the public to visit while a limited number of tickets will be available to purchase for the Friday evening’s festivities. Available from the Customer Service Desk in the centre, tickets for Rushmere’s Music & Food Festival Friday night are £10 each or £25 for a family of four. Opening times for the festival are 4:30-9:30pm on Friday (ticketed entry only) and from 12pm to 6pm on Saturday (Free entry).

Come on over and place your order from the #ulurucrew

GET YOUR TICKETS HERE – see you guys there!