uluru fashion show - Staff at Uluru Bar and Grill promoting Ladies Night on June 16

Uluru Bar & Grill to host a Ladies Night

Uluru Bar & Grill in Armagh

Eating out in Armagh? Here’s what people say about us!

Uluru Bar & Grill Reviews IMG_6608

Your Say! Here are some reviews of Uluru Bar & Grill this month!

Uluru Bar & Grill in Armagh is a casual dining restaurant in Armagh's city centre. It's an Australian themed neighbourhood restaurant where chefs cook with great authenticity. IMG_6614

A few reviews for you – and a little favour to ask at the bottom…..

Armagh Pork Cutlet is a delicious recipe cooked during the food and cider festival in Armagh

Armagh Pork Cutlet – flavoured with Mac Ivors Cider! Yes Chef!

Eating out in Armagh? Have a beer paddle while you are here

Don’t find yourself up the creek without a paddle!

New chapter for Uluru Bar & Grill as Aussie chef Dean Coppard hits the coast

They may be slippery but sprinkle some Aussie authenticity and you’ve got a mighty fine catch

Did you hear the one about the Lough Neagh Eel which married the Bramley Apple?

Uluru chefs storm IFEX16 bringing home string of awards to Armagh

Free tea and coffee and new healthy fry up launches Uluru’s #EnjoyNI16 in Armagh

Canapes and cocktails at Uluru as Donnelly Land Rover entertain before Spectre screening