Don’t find yourself up the creek without a paddle!

Armagh is a great tourist destination and Uluru Bar & Grill is placed in the middle of The Food Heartlands.

We have a lot of experiences to offer.

So, our primary focus is to give everyone who walks through our doors a great experience – one which they will share with their friends – one which they will want to keep coming back for more.

Paul McElligott is our bar manager and since Paul started working with the #ulurucrew he has been coming up with creative combinations which our customers are loving.

Take the Beer Paddles for example.

Of course you can come in and order a pint, or a half pint, but why not join the Paddle Posse and have four quarter pints of different beers which gives you a new taste experience.

Here’s an example. Paul, and the rest of the bar staff, love to serve up this little combo:

  • East Coast IPA- quarter pint – 5.5% alcohol
  • Big Rock Wheat Beer- quarter pint – 5%
  • Mourne Mist Pilsner- again a quarter pint at 5%
  • Red Trail Red IPA – quarter pint – 5.5% alcohol

What’s special about the beer paddles is that Paul carefully selects beers from one of Northern Ireland’s most loved breweries – Mourne Brewery. This is an experience which people like to come in, spend time in Uluru and sample the different tastes. We offer this as a different alternative for people who love beer, who love trying something new, who love taking the time to relax and enjoy this experience. This is a great way for us to have a good chat with our customers and share knowledge.

But Paul’s creative combinations don’t stop there. We stock 25 gins in Uluru Bar & Grill – gins from all across the world so the Uluru Gin Paddles are proving as popular as our Beer Paddles.

So, what do you get? You can choose three different gins which will be served with Fever-Tree tonic. It’s all about taste afterall! So, we asked Paul which Gin Paddle is the most popular right now.

Here’s what’s popular with customers.

  • Hanami Gin served with the zest of an orange. This is a gin hailing from the Netherlands and is a wonderful Japanese inspired gin based on an old Dutch Dry gin recipe
  • Bertha’s Revenge – a unique endeavour of a gin from Co Kerry which takes its base spirit from whey and its name from a legendary cow – Big Bertha.
  • Shortcross Gin – a Northern Ireland classical gin with a unique twist, best described as floral meadows, wild berries and grassy notes.  It is highly aromatic with an exceptionally long and smooth finish.

What’s not to love! Don’t find yourself up the creek without a paddle! Join the #ulurucrew for that ultimate bar experience. All beers and gins can also be bought in The Winestore in Armagh.

For media interviews with Paul please contact Eleanor McGillie at MGMPR Ltd on 028 3756 9569. Paul is available for Christmas cocktail recipes, gin paddle and beer paddle recommendations.